Ep. 4 - Social work driven community palliative care - The Holding Group

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The great team from the The Holding Group joins us today. The founding team includes 4 licensed clinical social workers that have owned and operated a community based palliative care program for the last five years. Not only are they working for themselves, but they are working on something they truly believe in with their closest friends. Each member of the founding group (Erin Nielsen, Bree Addison Owens, Dana Lahoff, and Laurel Eskra Tropeano) bring a unique skill set, making not only a rich personal experience, but a meaningful experience for the patients and providers they serve.

Today we spend time with Dana and Erin who will share:

  • How to create a data driven approach to social work and palliative care.
  • How asking the difficult questions with your patients will save you time coordinating their care
  • And that you can run your own business even if you are planning on having a baby, or many babies in this case.

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Tags: care management, palliative care, senior care, social workers