Ep. 3 - Owning the whole Care Path - Chelsea Sweeney

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Chelsea Sweeney is an amazing young entrepreneur. She has gone from CNA, to floor nurse, to case manager, to owning her own successful healthcare company in under 5 years. Her care management company, Maintain Me, was cash-flow positive within a few months of opening. And now, just 18 months after opening her first business, she and her husband are about to open a second business, which you’ll learn more about on this episode!

Chelsea will also share with us:

  • What keeps her motivated to drive towards success.
  • How she balances the various healthcare business’s she is running with her family.
  • And how to make sure you get a great deal on fire safety equipment!

Excited to have you listen to Jessie and Chelsea catching up together.

Tags: assisted living, care management, senior care