Ep. 12 - How Dispatch Health is Changing Healthcare - Kevin Riddleberger

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Today Jessie will be talking with Kevin Riddleberger, co-founder of Dispatch Health, a company that is bringing back the physician house call. Kevin Riddleberger and Dr. Mark Prather started Dispatch health only a few years ago and have managed to create an entirely new level of care that seems to have a business partnership with just about every other provider in healthcare. Dispatch is spreading like wildfire; you won’t want to miss hearing how Kevin and his team are changing healthcare for the better.

Kevin talks about:

  • How Dispatch has built their own software platform so they can scale their success between states with some centralized functions.
  • They are taking care of patients that you wouldn’t expect, with 65% of their business being seniors that are staying in their homes and out of the hospitals.
  • And how they are saving the healthcare system millions of dollars, ensuring that they will soon be taking over the world.

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