Ep. 14 - The story of saving a life that might change yours - Doug Lindsay

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In this episode Doug Lindsay shares his experience of falling ill with an unknown autoimmune disease in his early 20’s. For 11 years he was home-bound and nearly bed-bound until he developed the surgery that saved his life.

During this time he taught himself how to become a true scientist, building alliances with experts all over the world to generate rationale for his disease state as well as developing the surgery that ultimately saves his life.

  1. Doug teaches us some unforgettable lessons about perseverance, grit, and the power of a positive human spirit.
  2. How he developed the high level of emotional intelligence it took to sway people he never met to take a chance and help him.
  3. What this experience can bring to us all.

You can find out more about Doug at DougLindsay.net

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Tags: grit, healthcare, innovation, leadership, medicine, persistence, science