Ep. 5 - Where community non-profits get their funding - Jayla Sanchez-Warren

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Today Jessie talks with Jayla Sanchez-Warren. Jayla is at the helm at the Denver Regional Council of Governments Area Agency on Aging - DR COG, a federally funded program that serves and advocates for older adults and people with disabilities. Jayla has 26 years of service working on behalf of the region’s older adult populations, including community-based services that address the needs of older adults and people living with disabilities - assistance with housing, transportation, nutrition, long-term care, case management and more.

In this recording Jessie and Jayla discuss:

  • Some of the mysteries behind how healthcare related federal funding may change in the future
  • What role Grant money plays in keeping safety nets alive
  • And why there is such a disconnect between healthcare and community providers.

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